Introducing the recruitment processing

About our service/ Service Introduction

iGlocal Resource supplies human resource recruitment services and consulting business management systems which has demonstrated its competitive strength in the accounting and Accounting consultancy with the following solutions:
- Recruitment Consultant HRnavi
- Management system for consulting business TRnavi
- Training for accounting human resources based on the Standard of Practice Accounting FASS

Recruitment Consultancy

HRnavi’s mission is to become a trustworthy bridge between job seekers and employers.
For job seekers, we are committed to be with you right from the start until you reach success in your career. Every candidate will be supported by private HRnavi consultant not only during job search but during your working later as well. Based on the understanding about capacity and desire of the each candidate, consultants provide advice on proper career orientation to promote the best of their potential ability and lead them success in their careers.
For employers, we are committed to work with you to create optimal values of the human resources. By the thorough understanding of Vietnam human resources market, we will advise you the conditions and recruitment plan in accordance with your short and long term needs and your development strategy as well .
With the policy of "Listen, understand and respect the aspirations of candidates and employers", we promise to create the best effective cooperation between two sides.
HRnavi - reliable and efficient guide for Vietnamese human resources For further information about HRnavi please click here.

Management system for consulting business

Consulting is a very particular business. Despite of the large quantity of customers and big working volume, every consultant is required to work independently and ensure the absolute quality of each process... In order to meet all the above requirements, the standardization of business, building an efficient system of internal control standards (quick, accurate, low cost) is a prerequisite for the long-term and sustainable development.
Deriving from the practice, Time Resource Navigation system called Trnavi was developed specifically for the consultation based on the following criterias:
WHEN = REAL TIME: all records, reports on system are originally the real-time and is a convenient tool for controlling strickly the performance of consulting service.
WHO = PROFESSIONAL: each person is a professional independent consultant understanding clearly about general system and be able to implement all business processes with the same quality
WHERE = CLOUD SYSTEM: The system can be accessed anywhere on the global network
WHAT = LINKED and CLOSED: roundabout and closed system