Our key members

General Director

Phuc was born in 1977; he got his master degree in Kyoto University, Japan. After 10 years of studying and working in Japan, Phuc backed to Vietnam in 2006 and joined with SCS Consulting Company (the former of I-GLOCAL) as head of HCMC office. Since 2010, Phuc acted as co-CEO of iGlocal Resrouce.

Director, General Director of I-GLOCAL Group

Yusuke was born in 1972 and got his Bachelor degree in Keio University on March, 1994. On October 1996, Yusuke worked as auditor for the world-leading Auditing firm. Since 1999, he moved to Vietnam, and was head of Consulting Department to support for Japanese clients. Until 2003, he established his own business which is the previous company of I-GLOCAL. Yusuke was proud to be the very first Japanese leader who obtained the CPA in Vietnam.